Property Developers


At Moving Views our goal is to see homes salvaged rather than demolished. We assist property developers looking to get a home removed from their property before redevelopment. Moving Views can assist you to find a buyer for the home from our large database of clients looking for a suitable home for relocation. We contact our database and advertise the home on your behalf and take care of phone calls and questions that arise about the relocation process and the home itself.

There is no cost to engage our service, we cover all the advertising costs and let you get on with plans for redeveloping the property.

The relocation process for developers:

Are you ready to redevelop land and need an existing house removed? Here are stages of the process we follow:

  • We come to the home and assess the structural integrity of the building to ensure it can be transported and is suitable for a new family.
  • We draw a floor plan, take measurements and photos of the property.
  • We advertise the home to our database and advertise using other avenues - all at our own expense.
  • Once we have a legitimately interested party who are keen on the home, we organise an inspection and enter into a contract with them for work to commence.
  • We make sure that the interested parties understand the process, have all the information they need. We inspect their land to make sure the house is appropriate for their requirements.
  • We remove the home to its new location.

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and leave all the work to us.