Move your Home


Moving Views are specialists in home relocations. As a family business with over 30 years of expertise in the home relocation industry, we pride ourselves on providing high standards of customer service, operating with honesty and integrity.  Moving Views have a wealth of knowledge regarding the home removal process and operate throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

We aim to make the sometimes daunting task of relocating a home a hassle free experience for the customer by offering them a quick alternative to traditional building. We cater to home owners looking to relocate their existing home to another location as well as those wishing to sell their home for removal and redevelop at their current location.

For more information regarding the relocation process.

What homes can be removed?

Removal homes are homes originally not designed for relocation but are able to be moved to a new site using specialised equipment and techniques. Generally homes built on a timber sub structure can be removed. The main types of homes suitable for relocation are:

  1. Timber homes.
  2. Weatherboard homes.

Relocation costs include:

  • Purchase of the home
  • Insurance
  • Removal permit
  • Dismantling house
  • Transportation
  • Stumping work at new location
  • Rejoining and reassembling house
  • Re-pitching roof
  • Plaster repairs to most homes as per the descriptions of the home
  • Underground single phase electrical connection up to 12 meters from the pit to the meter box and a new meter box installed.
  • We can can put you in touch with a private town planner to assist with the town planning requirements.

For further information about moving your home, or to get started with a no obligation consultation and quote, please contact us and one of the team will be in touch to answer your questions.